David Scheil

I’m a PSEO journalism student at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. I like reporting on sports, discovering new interesting stories and creating accompanying graphics. I also love to play baseball, read great books and watch classic movies.

I’m seeking a reporting internship at a daily paper and I want to tell stories that need to be known in the world.

Royal’s winter sports recap

In an abbreviated season full of uncertainty, Bethel athletics performed strongly across the board in the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC). Here is your recap for the 2020-2021 Bethel Athletics winter sports season. The men’s basketball team finished 4th in the MIAC standings this season, with a record of 3-5 in conference play. Senior forward Isaiah Carver-Bagley led the Royals’ scoring effort throughout the season, averaging 16 points per game with 128 points on the season

Meet Bethel’s New Athletic Director

Greg Peterson discusses how he is adjusting to his new job, his Bethel experience, and plans for the future. Greg Peterson sat at his desk in his office RC210. Down the hallway from him are the offices of soccer and football coaches, as well as various other members of the athletics department. Across from him sat a freshman football player, sharing about his student-athlete experience so far at Bethel. As Peterson listened, he realized just how much Bethel had changed since his time as a stude

Eliijah spreads laughter and joy

Eliijah tells jokes and teaches others about his favorite anime shows, sharing his enjoyment and expertise with others. If Eliijah was stranded on an island and could have only three items, he would take a private jet with a fridge, a pilot to fly it and his phone. That way, he could leave whenever he wanted to. “It would be easy to get off of there,” Eliijah said. “What’s not to like [about Saturdays]? I can just be lazy.” — Eliijah, fifth-grader at Maxfield Elementary School. Eliijah enjoy

Nonprofit Uses Tools to do Good in 2020

Nonprofit Uses Tools to do Good in 2020 The Minnesota Tool Library works to support its community through new projects. The Minnesota Tool Library (MTL) lost about 300 members due to the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The work they do, however, has only increased in 2020. MTL executive director Kate Hersey believes in the power of her organization to do good as a community, and she strives to continue doing that even amidst the turmoil of 2020. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, an MTL me

Royals Baseball Coach and the Impact of Covid-19

Royals baseball coach and the impact of Covid-19 Assistant Baseball Coach Tim Beasley, and players who experienced the cancellation of the 2020 season, discuss the effects of Covid-19 on the program. Assistant baseball coach Tim Beasley and the Royals baseball team left Minneapolis on a Thursday flight to Fort Myers, Florida with a 14 game schedule. By the time their flight landed, all their opponents had backed out. “We still thought we would be able to have a season,” said Beasley. “So we g